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Powerball for 11/14/2020

Powerball winning results for 11/14/2020: 07-15-18-32-45, Powerball: 20, Power Play: 2

MEGA Millions for 11/17/2020

MEGA Millions winning results for 11/17/2020: 08-13-35-46-68, Mega Ball: 16, Megaplier: 3

SuperLotto Plus for 11/14/2020

SuperLotto Plus winning results for 11/14/2020: 12-13-23-31-36, Mega Ball: 10

Fantasy 5 for 11/17/2020

Fantasy 5 winning results for 11/17/2020: 10-28-32-35-37

Daily Derby for 11/17/2020

Daily Derby winning results for 11/17/2020: 1st:4 Big Ben-2nd:6 Whirl Win-3rd:11 Money Bags, Race Time: 1:41.84

Daily 4 for 11/17/2020

Daily 4 winning results for 11/17/2020: 7-0-1-0

Daily 3 Midday for 11/17/2020

Daily 3 Midday winning results for 11/17/2020: 9-2-5

Daily 3 Evening for 11/17/2020

Daily 3 Evening winning results for 11/17/2020: 0-8-7

California Lottery Results

Recognized as one of the fastest growing lotteries in the United States, the Official California Lottery saw its sales rise by 13.5% in Fiscal Year 2015-16. In all, the Lottery had its best year on record, seeing sales eclipse $6 billion for the first time in our history!

The great news is that when Lottery sales are up, education is the biggest winner of all. This past fiscal year, the Lottery was able to send a record of more than $1.5 billion in supplemental funding to California public schools. In addition, the Lottery has always been committed to finding even more ways to help support the schools that educate our children.

CA Lottery Numbers

The Lottery was created by a ballot measure, Proposition 37, which was approved by 58 percent of voters on Nov. 6, 1984. The Lottery Act gave the Lottery a clear mission: to provide supplemental funding for public schools and colleges.

California Lottery Results

Initially, the Lottery Act capped administrative expenses at 16 percent of sales and required that 34 percent of sales go to education.

In April 2010, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill 142, which changed the Lotterys funding formula to follow best practices. Those practices have helped lotteries throughout the nation increase sales and earn more money for their beneficiary.

AB 142 limits administrative expenses to 13 percent of sales, while requiring that 87 percent of sales go back to the public in the form of prizes and contributions to education. The law gives the Lottery the flexibility to pay out a higher percentage of its revenues in prizes than it has in the past, but only if it does so in a way that increases the total amount of money that goes to public schools and colleges.

The act specifies that the lottery is to be operated and administered by a Commission appointed by the Governor. The Legislature has the authority to amend the Lottery Act if, by doing so, it furthers the purposes of the Act.

California Lottery Numbers

The California Lottery does more than just provide our players with fun games to play. The real reason California voters decided to create the California Lottery was to supplement public schools budgets through the sale of our products.

California Lottery Winning Numbers

It is an absolute fact that we generate more than $1 billion a year for education. But, you know what? After that is divided between every K12, Community College, CSU and UC campus and several specialized schools that huge amount becomes far more modest. It actually represents about 1% of public education is overall budget! Still, it is important money that teachers are using for solid instructional purposes.